The City at the Center of the World

Maertagh is an old name, in a tongue few speak. It translates, roughly, as “Eternal Sanctuary”, or perhaps “The Refuge of Time”. It lies in the very center of Taerth, in the mountain-cluster called the World’s Tooth, surrounded by the Wild Plain. It is a two-tiered city, both surrounded by a towering wall. The walls, like all the ancient buildings, are formed from a shimmering blue-grey material, unmarked by time and seemingly impervious.

No empire rules in Maertagh, and all are welcome. The Outer City is a bustle of people from across the land, ruled by the Maer’etah, the “Eternal Guard”, or perhaps “Those Awaiting the Time”. Never in memory has Maertagh fallen to a hostile army, and none has tried since the founding of the current nations.

The Inner City is a different matter. Its streets lie deserted, the gates closed except at the wishes of the Maer’etah—and they allow few enough entry. Few know what lies among the soaring towers, higher even than those of the Outer City. Attempts to look past the wall with magic or artifice fail, but there are whispers of a place where time and space are less than steady, where past, future, and present rub elbows with distant worlds, and the impossible is commonplace.


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